Members Lottery

Members can join the monthly lottery draw for big cash prizes

  • Top Prize of £1,000 in the Members Lottery
  • Draw takes place at the end of each month
  • Winners will be notified and advertised
  • Drawn randomly by computer
  • Only open to members of Leeds City Credit Union
  • Staff and Directors are not allowed to take part
  • All funds raised, after distribution of prizes, are used to promote and develop YOUR Credit Union
  • Lottery Rules will be sent with your allocated number(s)

Please ensure that there are adequate funds in your Membership Account each month to cover your lottery payments.

It’s easy to join - Just complete the on the right, or click here to download the application form, then simply complete and return to the credit union

May's Winners 

£1,000 - Alison Mackenzie

£250 - Tasneem Farouk, Mark Lov

£50 - Karen Sykes, Alison Bohan, Sandra Longridge, Melvyn Roberts


Lottery Application form

I hereby apply to join the Lottery for Members of Leeds City Credit Union Ltd.

I understand that my Lottery contribution will be deducted from my Membership Account with Leeds City Credit Union and donated to Friends of LCCU.

Please Note: A minimum of £1 must remain in your membership account after the lottery deduction. Failure to having sufficient funds will result in you not being entered into the draw.

I agree that, after all prizes have been paid, the proceeds from my contribution will be donated to Leeds City Credit Union to develop the credit union for the benefit of the members.

You may apply for additional tickets at any time up to the maximum of 10 at £1 per ticket per month.

Your Details

Please enter your Membership number
Please enter your full name
Please enter your email address if you would like a copy of this form
Enter your address attached to your account
Please enter today's date

Payment Amendment Form

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By submitting this form you give permission to join the Leeds Credit Union Lottery.